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Healthcare Law

Healthcare Transactions

Health care transactions are subject to extensive industry-specific regulations. EMSW provides a complete range of services to help clients meet their regulatory compliance obligations. We will work collaboratively with you to meet your goals without unnecessary compliance risk.

For more information about our services and how our lawyers can help you navigate the challenges facing health care providers, please contact us today. We understand the time constraints of busy professionals and are happy to meet you at time convenient for you.

Medicaid Administrative Hearings

EMSW has experienced attorneys well versed in the defense of managed care organizations in Medicaid Administrative Hearings (state fair hearings). Our attorneys defend managed care organizations from the initial administrative action request through appeal to the Kentucky Supreme Court.

Medicaid Managed Care Contracting, Compliance, Regulatory Analysis and Litigation

The attorneys at EMSW are infinitely familiar with federal and state Medicaid statutes and regulations impacting Kentucky managed care organizations as we have been defending managed care organizations since the start of managed care contracts in Kentucky. Having practiced under the constantly changing Kentucky regulations relating to managed care organizations, EMSW is able to provide crucial analysis to your company in the context of practical application of those regulations.

Provider Contracting and Transactions

EMSW works collaboratively with medical providers in all matters from business organization and structure to contracting negotiation, drafting and review to meet your goals. Our clients include hospitals, physician groups, and individual physicians. We help negotiate, draft and review contracts between physicians and hospitals and provide guidance on proposed payment/bonus structures and requirements. It is important to contact us before you sign an agreement to ensure the agreement, in practice, will meet your expectations.